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Ebook: English: PDF


Ebook: English: PDF

  • In June of 2020, more people searched the internet for “Black Lives Matter” than for “Trump.”

    The tragic death of Black ex-convict George Floyd at the hands of four policemen immediately triggered well-organized protests not only in cities across the United States but also in 60 other countries. It was almost as if the Floyd death had been planned. Was Derek Chauvin, the White policeman who put his knee on Floyd’s neck for over eight minutes, a hitman? What about his new $100,000 BMW? Was it the unfortunate death of a convicted felon and heavy drug-user, or was it a professionally organized anti-Trump network just waiting for a trigger to launch a street revolution?


    Chauvin dismissed Floyd’s utterances of “I can’t breath” which were clearly audible to multiple people passing by with cell-phone cameras. This seemed a bit strange for a policeman’s behavior in the year 2020 given Eric Garner’s “I can’t breathe” was one of the major rallying cries of Black activists for police racism and brutality. It seemed Chauvin was comfortable with risking his job.


    Although there were 13 or fewer unarmed deaths of Black men at the hands of White policemen in 2019, roars of “systemic police racism” and “institutional racism” shook the world and looting riots plundered thousands of businesses and caused billions in damages and losses.


    Nearly the entire United States White population had been labeled “racist” once again by the Left, just in time to affect the June primaries and November elections. Trump’s ratings plunged against Joe Biden even though Biden was hands down the confirmed racist and bigot of the two candidates. Biden told one supporter that if he didn't vote for him, he was not "Black," making a racist statement that Blacks must vote Democrat because they are Black.


    Black Lives Matter (BLM)  and Antifa led a charge to capture six blocks of downtown Seattle to create an “Autonomous Zone” with border walls and security and then make demands. These types of demands matched up with the Black Panther and Black Liberation Army demands from decades ago and hinted at the true origins of BLM.


    This book reveals the dark truth about BLM, a feminist group, whose idol and role model is Assata Shakur a female felon, a convicted cop-killer, ex-Black Panther, and forty-year fugitive. It reveals how BLM was formed, the founders being recruited as mere puppets for larger, experienced anti-American and Black activist power groups.


    One of these groups is FRSO or the Freedom Railroad Socialists Organization which has Communist Chinese roots, along with those from Vietnam and Cuba, when the New Communist Movement hit America.


    Black Lives Matters' short term goal, like that of Antifa, is to oust Trump, and their long-term goal is to overthrow the US government.


    Both are goon squads for higher-ups like George Soros and other globalist representatives.


    Included is a close look at the history of supremacist Black power movements including the Black Panthers. Plotting to kill Whites and jews and overthrow the US government through war is nothing new for them.


    This book also goes into detail about the history of the ideology that underlies both BLM and Antifa, communism, and in particular, Marxism. Communism can be viewed as a form of Satanism in that results are achieved by continuous destruction much like Satan continuously tried to destroy God. These were the thoughts and inclinations of Adam Weishaupt and Karl Marx who are the two authors considered to be the early founders of communist theory.


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